Automatically resolve false positives

Financial institutions suffer from inefficiencies due to lacking customer data and poor-quality PEP and sanction lists. One in five banking employees work in the compliancy department and many of them are resolving system false positives, increasing compliancy cost up to 40%.

Web-IQ’s OSINT-C collects in real-time relevant and actionable web data of PEP and Sanction hits to automatically resolve cases and support the remediation and due diligence process.

Stop manually processing data and start investigating risks

Reduce up to 60% of case handling time
Text & non-text matching technology
High-quality automation with audit trail
Focus your resources on relevant cases

Easy to implement

The solution is easy to implement and can be in production in just a few weeks.

Immediate results

Measure value from the first day and continuous improvements via optimisation and R&D.

GDPR compliant

Developed with privacy by design and protocols to assure proportionality.

More information?

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