Our vision

We believe that Law Enforcement Agencies should have the best online intelligence tools and data available to help them in their fight against serious crimes. Thereby making the world a better place.


We operate in 28 countries across 5 continents


Web-IQ has 30 employees


Web-IQ was founded in 2011

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Web-IQ was founded in 2011 after we encountered images of child sexual abuse during a routine crawl of the Web. Since then, we became determined to invest our expertise and technology in the fight against child abuse and other high impact crimes.

Web-IQ is an active private sector partner of the Virtual Global Taskforce: the international collaboration of law enforcement agencies, non-government organisations and industry partners to protect children from online and offline sexual exploitation.

In 2017, Web-IQ received the Mr. Gonsalves Award from the Dutch Minister of Security and Justice for our contribution in the fight against human trafficking utilizing our Voyager technology.

Part of Web-IQ benefits are donated to the fight against Child Abuse.