Monitor the dark corners of the internet

DarkCloud detects, investigates, and monitors threats on the darknet and other relevant places on the internet. We continuously monitor, collect and structure data and transform it into actionable intelligence for law enforcement, government intelligence agencies and corporates for threat intelligence and cyber security.

We provide access to numerous datasets to safely enable you to search and drill down into these millions of normally unorganised and hard to get pages with a “Google like” interface. We provide enriched information like geographic locations, Bitcoin addresses, user IDs, time, and date stamps. Use our monitoring functions to get notified as soon as a specific person, phone number, Bitcoin address, city, organisation, or event is mentioned on the darknet. We collect and structure the data into actionable intelligence.

Darkcloud search

Filter and analyse millions of pages with ease

Search, filter, and drill-down millions of normally unorganised and hard to find results. We analyse and structure all types of data and make the information searchable with advanced techniques like optical Character Recognition (OCR), image meta-information, and automatic recognition of information like bitcoin addresses, email addresses, user IDs and more.

Darkcloud dashboard

Monitor with tailored dashboards

Monitor with tailored dashboards for potential threats, developments or trends in your jurisdiction, organisation or relevant field of interest and get live insights. Save your bookmarks and search queries and get instant notifications via email or user interface when a new relevant is found on the dark web or other dataset.

Darkcloud graph

Uncover hidden relationships

Uncover relationships and expose actors, hosts, posts, vendors, buyers, advertisements, products and other relevant network information to enhance your investigation. We automatically recognise various types of entities like PGP keys, email addresses, Bitcoin addresses, and much more.

Example use-cases

Crypto Intelligence

Detect and collect suspicious crypto addresses for transaction monitoring, AML/CTF compliancy and investigations. Download Crypto Intelligence use-case

Telegram Monitoring

Discover, investigate and monitor Telegram channels related to activism, illegal trade, fraud and leaked data. Download Telegram Monitoring use-case

Why our customers choose us

Most complete dataset in the market

You gain access to the most complete Dark web databases with over 5 years of archive and other relevant sources.

We are your OSINT partner

You don’t just buy a great product; you gain an OSINT team. We work closely with our customers and partners to help with specific needs like new sources or technical support.

Competitive pricing without surprises

We offer our data and services for a competitive price with yearly licenses, including support and complete datasets.

EU-quality and compliancy

We are a European company with all data and software stored within the EU-zone and complying to all EU laws, regulations and quality standards.

Some of our partners and customers

DarkCloud is available via:

Icon interface

DarkCloud as a Service

Hosted by us on our Voyager cloud platform and accessible via web UI and API.

Icon batch

DarkCloud data feed only

Receive daily DarkCloud data updates to integrate in your own intelligence systems.

Icon managed service

Managed service

Have your DarkCloud solution on a dedicated server on our secure local premise. We will manage it for you.

Icon on premises

On premise

Local installation of DarkCloud to have full control and to crawl custom datasets which are stored on your site.

Web-IQ is very selective in its customers and only works with organisations that use DarkCloud for causes that align with our mission and ethics


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