Our expertise

Increasing your effectiveness and efficiency is our goal. The Internet can be activated but it needs to be activated simple but smart within your processes.

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Law enforcement

We support law enforcement agencies with our forensic web intelligence technology, expertise and unique Darknet datasets.

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We help cities and municipalities to become effective information-driven organisations and get grip on the online phenomena that impact their citizens.

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Financial industry

We provide Online Intelligence solutions to financial institutions in order to prevent money laundering (AML/CFT) and combat fraud.

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We use forensic technology to deliver open source intelligence solutions to combat claim fraud in the insurance market.

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We provide Online Intelligence solutions to provide risk intelligence and help combat fraud.

Our vision

We believe that Law Enforcement Agencies and Corporates should have the best online intelligence tools to be able to fight Online Child Abuse, the Trafficking of Human Beings and Fraud.

We have over 25 years of experience in developing internet intelligence solutions for Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Government agencies from all over the world. We use our expertise to support our customers with combatting fraud and provide risk intelligence to financial institutions, insurance companies and other high-risk organizations. Read our full story


Upcoming events

3 - 5 March 2020

Security & Policing Home Office Event

Farnborough (UK)

Our products

Build on Web-IQ proprietary technology and our profound experience in LEA and Corporate markets, we provide 4 main products that activates the internet as an efficient and effective Intelligence source.


Keep your city safe by using actionable data from the open Internet

We harvest and structure data into actionable intelligence and make these datasets available exclusively to municipal governments to become effective information-driven organizations.


Understand the Darknet using DarkCloud

We are continuously monitoring Darknet sources, Telegram Channels and crime related message boards. We harvest and structure the data into actionable intelligence and make these datasets available to Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Corporates and Governments at all levels.

Online due diligence

Use the power of OSINT for unique customer insights

Prevent criminal and fraudulent customers from entering your client base by identifying risks from online open sources and stay compliant with the Anti-money laundering regulations (AML/CFT) and combat fraud.


Significantly increase your contact rate

Locate untraceable defaulting debtors with our Forensic Technology and contact them on their current contact information to significantly improve your contact rate.