Law Enforcement

We support law enforcement agencies with our forensic web intelligence technology, expertise and unique Darknet datasets to deliver intelligence that is both targeted and actionable.

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We help cities and municipalities to become effective information-driven organisations and get grip on online phenomena that impact their citizens.


Web-IQ uses its forensic technology to deliver open source solutions to combat claim fraud in the insurance market.

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Financial Sector

We enable financial institutions to focus on their most valuable customers by providing instant risk scores and relational insights on your customers during onboarding and beyond.

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DarkCloud package

The Darknet Search Engine

The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds that discuss subjects and opportunities that threaten your organisation, country or city.
Is the Darknet still a blind spot for your organisation?

We continously monitor, harvest and structure data from Tor Hidden Services and popular Darknet markets into actionable intelligence and make these indexed datasets available to Law Enforcement, corporates and (local) governments.

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SafeCity package

Safe City intelligence

Do you know what is happening online in your city? Who is undermining the safety and economic stability of your citizens?
We are helping cities and municipalities to get a grip on the online landscape by providing data and expertise.

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Our mission

We believe that Law Enforcement Agencies should have the best online intelligence tools and data available to help them in their fight against serious crimes. Thereby making the world a better place.

Web-IQ was founded in 2011 after we encountered images of child sexual abuse during a routine crawl of the Web. Since then, we became determined to invest our expertise and technology in the fight against child abuse and other high impact crimes.

Web-IQ is an active private sector partner of the Virtual Global Taskforce: the international collaboration of law enforcement agencies, non-government organisations and industry partners to protect children from online and offline sexual exploitation.

In 2017, Web-IQ received the Mr. Gonsalves Award from Minister Grapperhaus of Security and Justice for our Voyager technology and our contribution in the fight against human trafficking.


The European Monitoring
Centre for Drugs and
Drug Addiction
HomeOffice UK
Ministry of the Interior NL
FedPol Switserland
Hellas Police
Cyprus Police
Mossos d'Esquadra
Dutch National Police
Belgium Police Antwerp
Municipality of Groningen NL
Municipality of Rotterdam NL
Municipality of The Hague NL
Municipality of Leeuwarden NL
Municipality of Utrecht NL
Municipality of Ede NL
Municipality of Almere NL
Municipality of Enschede NL
Carro Ltd


Terre des Hommes
International Centre for
Missing & Exploited Children
Online Kindermisbruik
Space Hellas
MH Service

Expertise / Technology

We understand that many organisations have unique information needs. We combine our expertise and our proprietary technology in specialised projects to deliver customised on-site solutions for web intelligence. In addition we initiate and participate in research projects and offer OSINT investigation support to law enforcement and the private industry around the globe.

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Our expertise


Our intelligence team has years of experience in running OSINT investigations together with international law enforcement agencies and NGO’s.

We have gained in-depth domain knowledge on topics like Darknet trading, crypto currencies, child sexual exploitation and online prostitution. As well as experience with privacy regulations and the legal boundries.

Technical expertise

Our data experts and software engineers know how to handle huge streams of unstructured data, design and build text and visual extraction algorithms, train machine learning models and turn bits and bytes into actionable intelligence.

We have technical expertise on the workings of the Web, Social Media, the Tor network and popular open source big data technologies.



Voyager Falcon offers large scale web crawler technology for collecting and monitoring clear web and darknet sources.

Voyager Apollo is an extensible analysis framework for structuring vast amounts of online data into entities and relations. Including a wide collection of extraction plugins for text, geo and image data. Apollo publishes data into search indexes and graph databases.

The Voyager JEDI User Interface delivers a full featured search engine to explore indexed and enriched data. It includes multi-faceted queries and drill-downs, dashboards, graph visualisations, bookmarks and alerts.


Distributed software for forensic capturing of web resources by orchestrating up to thousands of real world Chrome browsers. Support for screenshots, proxies, user interaction scripts, login and manual intervention.


Our engine for building and automating real-time open source investigations. OSINTX comes with reusable investigation building-blocks to pull-in live data from Social Media, Web, third-party APIs and unique reference sets like the Darknet.

Together with our customers we use OSINTX to automate KYC, profiling and risk-assessment investigations whereby the results are integrated in their existing workflows via the OSINTX API.