Investigate money laundering, fraud and risk

Money laundering and fraud negatively affects the quality and safety of our society. The financial system is being abused which makes our society vulnerable.

Vulnerable to the allure of this money, vulnerable to extortion and oppression leading to an increasing sense of insecurity among all those well intentioned. Also, organisations are exposed and vulnerable for risks like fraud, payment default, or subversion, or get exposed to indirect risks in the form of reputation damage or financial penalties.

Why use the Online Integrity Scan?

Reduce investigation time from hours to minutes, without any OSINT training.
Investigate the whole public internet, including social media and online reviews for a complete online snapshot.
Includes all found evidence and audit trail for legal action.
Complying to the European GDPR

Supports investigators with OSINT automation

The Online Integrity Scan supports investigators in conducting automated and real-time online investigations to persons and organisations, also called Open Source Intelligence or OSINT.
Integrity scan report

Via the web user interface, you search automatically and in real time with multiple optimised searches in all relevant areas of the internet to answer specific questions like:

  • What is the online footprint of a person or organisation?
  • How does the organisational structure look like?
  • Can we identify possible risks from online articles?
  • Is the person or organisation online connected with locally known infamous actors, or anyone on a sanction or a political exposed person list?

The answers are accompanied with the online location (URL) or the social media account relevant information to the questions have been found. This way we provide a full evidence trail so this can be interpreted and prepared for legal advice.

Used for:

Icon fraud investigation

Fraud investigations

For insurance claim fraud, payment fraud and legal proceses.

Icon money laundering

Enhanced due diligence

Know Your Customer, enhanced due diligence, and money laundering investigations

Icon integrity research

Integrity research

Internal and external investigations to fraud, market abuse, or other misconduct.

Icon hiring


Background research of candidates for key positions in critical environments

Also available via API

The Online Integrity Scan is also available via API for high volume or system integrations. More information

Why our customers choose for Web-IQ

Web-IQ has a track record helping law enforcement agencies, governments, and organisations - large and smaller - to activate the Internet, leading to strategic and operational insights and tools to fight crime and detect risks.

We are your OSINT partner

You don’t just buy a great product; you gain an OSINT team. We work closely with our customers and partners to help with specific needs

Competitive pricing without surprises

We offer our data and services for a competitive and transparent pricing including support and full access.

EU-quality and compliancy

European company with all data and software stored within the EU-zone and complying to all EU laws, regulations, and standards.

Web-IQ is very selective in its customers and only works with organisations and causes that align with our mission and ethics.

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