The Internet Risk Engine

The Internet Risk Engine automates the online search in screenings of persons and organisations for high volume usage. The solution searches automatically and in real time with multiple optimised searches in all relevant areas of the internet. Through advanced filtering it reduces false positives and categorises all results in order to return specific, relevant and actionable information to any anti-fraud, risk or KYC system.

Integrate and partner with Web-IQ

The Internet Risk Engine is a valuable addition to any customer screening solution with focus on automation or investigations.

Be competitive and future-ready

With scalable customer screening enrichments that cover all 6AMLD predicate offences, and more.

Improve customer screenings

With relevant and actionable risk information that escapes the scope of global adverse-media sources.

Help your customers save money and time

By automating and optimising the internet risk search and document all evidence and audit trail.


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Automate and elevate the Google-search and receive specific, relevant and actionable risk information for scoring and investigations.

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Detect online connections between persons and organisations via web and social media to identify risk, fraud patterns or criminal ties.

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Person identity

Collect the online public footprint of persons like their web exposure, social media, contact information, images, locations, related organisations and more.

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Company identity

Collect the online public footprint of organisations like their websites, social media accounts, customer reviews, related organisations, key individuals and more.

How it works

Some of our integration partners

With ​Web-IQ​ we offer our customers a high-quality and reliable internet-search enrichment for processes such as customer due diligence, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering. This enables us to focus on our Client Risk Intelligence Solutions, while ​Web-IQ​ assures the obliged OSINT-feed
Robby Philips - Partner manager at BusinessForensics

Available via:

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Connect our API to your platform for real time and high volume enrichments for screening or investigation processes.

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User Interface

Enrich your screening process by leveraging online data sources through our powerful user interface. See the Online integrity Scan

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