Investigate money laundering, fraud and risk

Money laundering and fraud negatively affects the quality and safety of our society. The financial and corporate system is being misused which makes our society and organisations vulnerable for risks.

Vulnerable to the allure of this money, vulnerable to extortion and oppression, vulnerable by increasing violence and with it an increasing sense of insecurity among all those well intentioned. Organisations are therefore exposed and vulnerable for risks like fraud, payment default, or criminal subversion, or get exposed to indirect risks like reputation damage or financial penalties.

Thematic investigations

Identify high-risk organisations based on their online footprint
Enrich company profiles with information from the open web, social media, online reviews, images, or other online source on request.
Easy-to-use user-interface to browse and analyse the results, including map visualisations and automatically generated risk scores.
Aml screens

Identify the outliers

Based on a selection of organisations via EG, the chamber of commerce, or a customer database, the AML-Scan automatically enriches this data with the online footprint, like the website(s), social media profiles, reviews, images, followers, and more, and compares the organisations with its peers.

With all found and enriched information, you can swiftly select and browse through the data to identify possible suspicious actors. The tooling generates risk scores and visualises information on a map to support the analyst ploughing through the data.

Besides the analysis of individual organisations, you can also use the tooling to generate a consolidated overview of segments or complete customer base to identify general tendencies.

Used for:

Icon portfolio risk

Customer portfolio risks

Detect money laundering, fraud or potential credit risks in your customer database

Icon themed search

Thematic research

Review the customer segments where high-risk is being suspected

Icon enrich database

Database enrichment

Enrich your customer database with online data to build stronger profiles

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