Due to the increasing role of the Internet in our daily life we see crime moving from the offline to the online world. For Law Enforcement as well as for Corporates it is vital to be fully aware of the possibilities in using Open Source Intelligence.

Darknet training

Its intrinsic anonymous nature makes the Darknet an attractive force to criminals active in all sorts of criminal domains. Whether they trade drugs and weapons or discuss new hacking methods, also people on the Darknet leave behind bits of personal information. Web-IQ’s Darknet experts teach you all you need to know to effectively run Darknet investigations. This training covers the basics of the Darknet, what it is, how you can access it and the differences and similarities to the normal open web. Using advanced investigation methods, we show how Darknet information can lead to the identification of criminals.

OSINT training

The use of OSINT plays a crucial role in current investigations, but to effectively utilize this vast source of information requires the right skills and knowledge. During this training you will learn what kind of traces people leave behind and what search strategies and tools you can apply to effectively use and link information from the internet and social media.

Voyager training

Voyager is the Web Intelligence platform of choice for Law Enforcement agencies all over the world. We are ideally suited to teach you a wide array of topics; from the basics of the search interface and optimally retrieving your desired results to the configuration and monitoring of crawlers. We also provide advanced technical training on topics such as creating your own plugins and how to connect to the API.


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