About our platform

Voyager is a turn key web crawling and intelligence platform for customers who want full control over their data. This can be installed on premises or can be accessed over the web. It houses a range of tools, all with different possibilities to match your needs.


Voyager features a set of tools, that can help you:

Capture online sources

Voyager uses a state-of-the-art crawling engine to capture and collect (dynamic) web pages, images and videos from Web sites, market places, forums, Social Media and Darknet sources like Tor hidden services.

Build intelligence

Voyager analyses captured data and combines it with other sources in order to build information, extract meta data and entities and construct networks and relations. The analysis pipeline can be extended and configured to meet your information needs.

Get insights

All data in Voyager can be explored with an intuitive user interface that offers custom search, filter options and visualisations like geographical views, time charts and powerful network graphs. This allows teams to find new evidence, get valuable insights and discover trends.

Voyager as a service

Voyager is mostly used as a service in the cloud. You (and your team) have instant access to valuable datasets. We take care of maintaining and updating the platform, so you don't have to worry about that.

Voyager on premises

It is possible to run Voyager on your own infrastructure and have full control over all aspects of the web intelligence platform. We help you install the platform and offer technical and intel support.