Social interaction of people living in modern cities is very much facilitated by the Internet. People buy, sell and organize themselves using Social Media, Online Markets, Forums and Portals.

Municipalities and local Law Enforcement need to be aware of what is happening in their city in order to understand what the current and future threats may be. Web-IQ can help by providing a dedicated Intelligence platform that contains specific pages, feeds and comments. It allows you to get insights into illegal activities like prostitution of minors, human trafficking or money laundering.

Besides these powerful services, Web-IQ shares its International Law Enforcement knowledge and best practices from other municipalities around the world via newsletters and monthly meetings during which we discuss experiences and start the next iteration towards further improvements.

Why choose Web-IQ

Web-IQ provides a dedicated Intelligence platform that contains multiple datasets consisting of millions of pages, feeds and comments that provide Intelligence to:

Clear data

Understand the general sentiment in and towards your city using Forums, Darknet, Social Media and Clear Web data.

Create datasets

Have the option to build your own actionable data to look at your city’s role in the online sales of drugs on the DarkNet or luxury goods on eBay, Craigslist, etc.

SafeCity for you

Your specific points of interests or areas of focus are continuously visible via a dashboard that will be configured by Web-IQ and is tailored to your needs.

The dashboard gives you direct insight, on new advertisements from within your city or the number of times your city is mentioned in a certain (predefined) Social Media network. Datasets and all generated Intelligence is available via our User Interface. You can access millions of pages of content specific to your interest via an intuitive search and visual interface.


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