About DebtCo

DebtCo is an innovative and agile collections agency that focus on improving recovery rates on unrecovered debt whilst giving the users the best experience possible.

Focused on Debt Collection Agencies
Their customers are Debt Collection Agencies with unrecovered and exhausted debt cases. The platform CollectIC integrates directly with current collection processes, so it can act quickly in recovering the unrecovered debt in an automated way. CollectIC offers a personalized experience with complex & real-time campaigns, while always be compliant to applying laws and regulations.

Great user experience
They have developed a machine learning platform that transforms the debtor journey around debt repayment into positive digital moments. By leveraging all communication channels and platforms and ensuring a non-threatening experience to all debtors, they help them to find solutions to resolve their financial situations.

IRIS Skip-Tracing integration for an optimal and automated debt collection process
The Online Skip Tracing Solution of Web-IQ provides direct access to a broad range of online public sources to find new and updated contact information to directly increase the contact rate. Contact DebtCo to discuss how Skip-Tracing can support your collections activities.

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