Web-IQ is growing fast and we are therefore happy and proud to welcome Frank Streefland as our new COO and Saskia de Jong as our new CSIO. With these two new additions to our executive team, we are well-equipped to steadily scale up both the development and delivery of OSINT for a better world.

Allow us to further introduce you to...


Frank Streefland, COO

Frank Streefland joined us as Chief Operating Officer (COO). His main responsibility is to ensure that Web-IQ’s operational processes run smoothly and efficiently and result in the best possible match between customer needs and Web-IQ’s leading OSINT-solutions.

Frank (1979) studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Groningen and started his career as a PhD student researching the development of complex products. He still is connected to his former university as an affiliated lecturer of Business Development and has been involved as a coordinator and one of the leading lecturers of the university’s minor programs on Innovation & Entrepreneurship. With his expertise in technology-based, growth-oriented ventures, Frank has held positions at Capgemini, a small management consultancy firm, and later as independent management consultant in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In his spare time Frank enjoys playing volleyball and running along the canals of Groningen, photographing at distant destinations, or to relax by watching TV on the couch.


Saskia de Jong, CSIO

Saskia de Jong is our new Chief Social Impact Officer (CSIO), where she will aim to optimise our social impact by embedding our OSINT solutions at Public Services and Law Enforcement Agencies in the most effective and efficient way.

Saskia (1979) started after her studies as a financial expert with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal Military Police. Saskia was in charge of criminal financial investigations of organised crime. Subsequently Saskia worked for the past years as a researcher and team leader for an NGO specifically relating to the topic of online sexual exploitation of children. During these investigations, Saskia already made extensive use of technological solutions. Now having become part of Web-IQ, Saskia is very happy to be able to make both a great impact and contribute to this incredibly important topic worldwide.

In her spare time Saskia enjoys sports, cooking and spending time with her family.