This week, Web-IQ had the honour of visiting the University of Groningen for a presentation to the fourth year Criminal Law students! Web-IQ represented by our Chief Social Impact Officer, Saskia de Jong and our Consultant LEA, Annemarie Brockmuller, who gave a guest lecture regarding the way Web-IQ generates data from Darkweb and forms it in an analyzable and available form.

Our lecturers’ goal was to represent the Web-IQ mission to our young and talented audience and explain to them how we contribute to the creation of a safer and better world through our significant work in the area of web intelligence! The students became familiar with the way Web-IQ provides products and expertise to its customers and helps them to use the wealth of information from the Darkweb to gain new insights into their business, solve crimes, help victims and improve their overall effectiveness and efficiency.

Web-IQ cares to inspire the young generation about the promotion of justice, citizens’ safety and data privacy! Do you want to contribute to our meaningful work? Check our Career page or contact us for our current open roles for students and talented specialists!

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