Mesh ID and Web-IQ have signed a partnership agreement and soon the online screening tool of Web-IQ will be available to all Mesh ID customers.

A painless KYC and CDD process for fund investors

Mesh ID, formerly known as Finos Global, offers an automation solution that ensures a painless "Know Your Customer" and "Client Due Diligence" process to fund investors. Mesh ID specifically focusses on helping them verifying the identification and addresses of clients with biometrical information and AI and supporting the due diligence process by making sure that this information can be securely shared across different parties for KYC and AML purposes. By adding the IRIS Risk Analysis of Web-IQ to their solution, fund managers directly receive relevant risk information of their clients based on their online footprint, regardless of where they are based.

“By adding Web-IQ´s technology from the world of law enforcement to our solutions, we support our customers not only to be compliant to KYC and AML laws, but also to actually deliver a profound risk analysis based on their client's online footprint”, says George Pedra, Co-founder and managing director of Mesh ID. “This saves them a lot of money and time and assures them they can safely accept new business”.

Open Source Intelligence from the world of law enforcement

The partnership and integration with Mesh ID suits the strategy of Web-IQ, which is to add their Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) solutions to next-generation and leading due diligence solutions to detect fraud, money laundering and other types of financial crime and risks.

“More and more organisations are realising that the internet offers a rich source of risk information about EG customers and partners. Most often better than the traditional sources like PEP and Sanction lists or traditional adverse media solutions”, says Daniel Boelen, Director at Web-IQ. “We are happy that we can help Mesh ID and their customers to automate the online risk search and bring their customer due diligence to the next level with our forensic technology”.

Soon available in Mesh ID

The Online Risk Analysis will soon be available to all Mesh ID users. If you would like to learn more about this collaboration or how this integration will help you, please contact Mesh ID or Web-IQ.

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About Mesh ID

Mesh ID helps service providers and their clients alike by automating time-consuming collection and verification of KYC information during onboarding and reviews. We do this not only by offering advanced digital tools during the onboarding process, but by also giving clients the option and power to selectively and securely share their KYC information with their other service providers. More information about Mesh ID.