Web-IQ supports the fight against CSE and has set the protection of children as one of its highest priorities! The EU-funded GRACE project (Global Response Against Child Exploitation) is comprised of 22 technology and LEA partners across 14 countries within the Europe and Web-IQ is honored to be one of them.

The latest newsletter of the GRACE project highlights its many activities and the progress that has been made. Now is the time to consolidate as the project nears its completion. Web-IQ is proud of contributing with pioneering OSINT solutions and establishing connections for the GRACE project, as well as working to provide European LEA with advanced capabilities to respond to the spread of online child exploitation.

Looking back to a productive and innovative day, we would like to highlight the third GRACE Consortium meeting, which took place in The Hague (Netherlands) on 16th-19th January 2023 and was organized by Europol. Web-IQ was there, as always, to meet again with all the partners of the GRACE project.

Read the 4th edition of the GRACE newsletter here: https://www.grace-fct.eu/news/102
For more information about the GRACE project, you can visit the following link: https://www.grace-fct.eu/

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