PESCHECK is an international screening company that developed its own background checking software. Their solution is designed under strict data privacy principles, and provides digital, fast, and automated employee and candidate background checking solutions for any type of business worldwide. As of last June 2022, the integration of Web-IQ was made available to all users of PESCHECK to bring screenings to the next level and deliver high quality and efficient screenings.

Now available for all PESCHECK users

With the addition of Web-IQ's IRIS, customers can now, in addition to the already implemented 800+ international PEP, Sanction, and risk databases, find out if candidates appear negatively in online searches.

Potential red flags are looked for in various languages and in millions of online public webpages. Using advanced data analytics, IRIS filters out the most of the irrelevant pages and false positives in order to provide specific and relevant data, thereby substantially improving the screening process and delivering a quick and complete background check.

"By integrating the Web-IQ OSINT technology into our system, we are performing this background check at lightning speed, which offers unique advantages for both organisations and candidates. Instead of 15 minutes manual searching on the internet, this check performs it in under 1 minute", says Serhat Elban, CEO of PESCHECK.

“Our clients are relieved by not having to search manually through dozens of webpages from Google, Bing, or Yandex in different languages. They now immediately know where they stand and receive indicators that may affect the integrity of the candidate. Web-IQ ensures that it can perform fast, reliable, and privacy-compliant screenings at a level that is being used by the most prestigious law enforcement agencies in the world."

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Try it now!

You can easily add the new functionality by creating and selecting a package that includes the Adverse Media check. See here some example packages via the PESCHECK user interface.

Example result IRIS in Pescheck

And automate your online search in employment screenings

Within a minute, all information will be collected and added to your report, which then can be further reviewed in the event that relevant information is found. See here an example report with example results.

We are happy to be able to help PESCHECK by adding our online screening solution to their product. After over a year of close collaboration where the quality and relevancy for employment screening has been proven, we are proud that it is now offered to all clients via their powerful employee screening platform
Daniel Boelen, Business Development Director at Web-IQ.

More information?

Please feel free to contact PESCHECK with any questions regarding how it works or how this information can enhance your screenings.


PESCHECK is an international background check provider. PESCHECK has created all-in-one background checking software and provides this service for any kind of business worldwide. They use next-level technology to deliver accurate results with transparency, which creates a foundation of trust within businesses worldwide. By screening, you let others see that your organisation stands for integrity, transparency, and quality.

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About Web-IQ

Web-IQ has been the OSINT technology partner for over a decade of the most prestigious law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies in over 35 countries. They are specialised in developing software to automate online investigations of persons and organisations on the darknet, clear web and social media in a GDPR-compliant way. Web-IQ also supports financial institutions and next-generation Anti-Fraud, Risk and KYC platforms via API enrichments of customer screenings, investigations and resolving hit alerts, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the detection of fraud, money laundering and other types of risk.

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