Web-IQ is now available in FastCheck, a KYC product of Aprenet and Netech. With this implementation, the end-users of FastCheck can automatically enrich customer screenings with open-source intelligence to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and improve their overall customer “due diligence” effectiveness.

Who are Aprenet and Netech?

Aprenet is a Regtech company that was started by Nordest Technology from Italy, and the Spanish anti-money laundering consultancy Apreblanc. Aprenet and Netech offer IT solutions to detect money laundering, customer risk assessments, transaction monitoring and a number of other solutions to support their customers. Aprenet and Netech focus especially on large institutions who are required to comply with AML regulations like banks, insurance companies, payment providers, professional services, real estate groups, gaming operators, and others.

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IRIS integrated in FastCheck

FastCheck provides regulated entities with a complete solution in verifying their clients or other participants in Sanction, PEP, and blacklists, which are currently used by over 200 regulated entities in Europe. By adding Web-IQ’s IRIS Risk Analysis to this solution, customers are provided a comprehensive solution that searches for adverse news and media on the web to detect money laundering and other relevant risk indicators.

“The collaboration with Web-IQ helps us and our customers having the best tools and technology into the market to improve the detection of money laundering. We see European regulated entities who use IRIS improve their automatic customer acceptance rate and significantly reducing manual enhanced due diligence work of higher-risk cases”, says Nello Conti, CEO of Netech. “We are confident to offer this proven solution to our customers, who have with this addition a great time and cost saver, while improving their anti-money laundering process effectiveness”.

Technology from the world of law enforcement to support regulated entities

Web-IQ has been working for more than 10 years with major law enforcement, intelligence and government agencies throughout the world, supporting them with open source and darknet intelligence for forensic investigations. Through the advanced search and filter technology from Web-IQ, customers are assured of a high-quality automated online due diligence process that reduces time and cost from a manual process. Thereby making the work of the compliance analyst simpler and improving the overall efficiency and productivity.

“We are proud to be working with Aprenet and Netech, the market leader in AML solutions in Spain and Italy. With the combination of their expertise and products and our OSINT solutions, we believe we offer a powerful solution to the market”, says Fernando Rywaczuk – Country Manager of Web-IQ for Iberia and LatAm. “With the product integration in place and the first customers starting, we are looking forward to a partnership that creates a high value proposition for the financial sector resulting in a better and more efficient money laundering detection”.

About Web-IQ

Web-IQ is an open-source intelligence (OSINT) technology company with offices in The Netherlands, Spain, and Canada with customers in over 35 countries. Web-IQ has been developing, for more than a decade, market-leading OSINT and darknet intelligence solutions for the most prestigious law enforcement and government agencies. Web-IQ also supports corporate institutions by improving the detection of fraud, money laundering, and other types of financial crime and risk by integrating their GDPR compliant and privacy-by-design solutions in next-generation and market-leading Anti-Fraud, Risk, and KYC platforms.

More information or a demo?

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