Together with our partner DataExpert, Web-IQ has organised three webinars around the topic of open source intelligence or OSINT. During these instructive webinars, we will explain how OSINT can be used in the fight against undermining, fraud and money laundering practices. All webinars will be held in Dutch.

Thursday 27 May: The Bibob check - Search open sources quickly, easily and GDPR-proof

During this session Simon Peterson from Web-IQ and Edwin Metgod from DataExpert will explain how to search open sources quickly, easily and GDPR-proof. For example, you can answer questions such as "What is a person's online footprint?", "Do we see potential risks?", "Is the person connected to someone on a sanction or PEP list?" and much more.

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Thursday, June 10: The BrancheScan - Insight into the situation of your city and risks

During this webinar, Simon Peterson of Web-IQ and Edwin Metgod of DataExpert will explain how you can efficiently use the BrancheScan of Web-IQ. and gain an effective insight into subversion. In addition to generating a short list for inspections, they also show how the BrancheScan provides insight into the healthcare, hospitality or car industry in your city.

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Tuesday, June 22: Automated data enrichment with OSINT in customer screenings

For risk management, anti-fraud and AML-compliance

During this session Ronald Hoek from Web-IQ and Chris de Meijer from DataExpert will explain;

  1. How open source intelligence can be applied in the fight against fraud and money laundering.
  2. How relevant data can be made available from open sources.
  3. How to deal with uncertain information (false positives).
  4. Which legislation / preconditions (such as GDPR) must be taken into account.
  5. How Web-IQ's solutions can help you perform efficient and effective OSINT research
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All webinars are free to attent, but prior registration is required.