The past few months have once again shown how important the internet has become in our lives. The increased use of digital technologies also brings new opportunities for criminals. That is why our Internet Intelligence platform Voyager is constantly evolving.

This year, together with our customers, we have planned a number of important features and improvements that will take Voyager to the next level.

We have a large package of AI and Analytics updates planned. One of them is the improved search for 'in image' text. Images that are shared on places like the Darknet increasingly contain texts that could be a crucial piece in solving crimes. This includes textual logos on photos of child sexual exploitation. Voyager's next major update supports searching these texts and linking entities by using new state-of-the-art hybrid OCR technology that has been optimized for these use cases.

Machine generated OCR results in Voyager. Source image from Robus Reading Competition

Other analyses updates include new ways of finding missing children in photos on the Darknet, improved site classification that allows for better thematic searches and object recognition in photos to help the localization of exploited children.


We have also planned a whole series of updates on the Voyager Application. To help users to efficiently search all corners of the Internet, we have included the option for users to search through all datasets at once using a single query. The new version of Voyager will also have improved support for exporting results, such that crucial evidence can be shared and secured even better.

A major overhaul of the Voyager User Interface will also include improved dashboards, new network and 'geo-centric explore' functionality as well as a re-styling of the user interface. The objective is to deliver a better user experience so our users can perform their research and investigations more efficiently.


Voyager 3.0 as a whole will be available to all Voyager on-premises and Voyager Cloud users by the end of 2020. In the meantime, we will introduce several new features step by step.