We are very happy to announce an additional Voyager data retrieval strategy that Web-IQ offers to its Voyager users from today!

It is inevitable that whether you perform online investigations, safeguard digital evidence or monitor online activity, you need tools that can target the data collection process accurately. Do you want to achieve that?

Start using our Voyager platform now
, which comes with a new functionality that puts you in the driver seat! The only thing we need from you is to provide us with the topics of your interest. Our platform, operated by our experts, automatically retrieves then the relevant data for you. You can specify your topic of interest via simple keywords or hashtags via our Voyager User Interface and API, and the new relevant entities will flow in automatically. You can, also, combine this feature with all the other Voyager components, like turning on alerts to be notified of high-risk content, use dashboards to get an overview of trends or use our focused search to investigate specific actors.

And the most important? Focusing only on the data collection following the GDPR’s data minimisation principle, Web-IQ ensures that you retrieve data in an effective, time-efficient and GDPR compliant manner! All data is securely stored in our system, according to your data retention policies, so it remains available even when the content is removed online.

Contact us today to demo this new data retrieval strategy at your convenience!

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