Often Auto and Motorcycle accidents involve claim documents that are completed on the spot by the parties involved without the intervention of an insurance company. This makes it very challenging to verify the accuracy of the facts once the claim is submitted. It also encourages people to falsify the accident information thereby allowing them to recover repair costs they are not entitled to.

The strategic agreement

To help Spanish insurance companies in preventing and detecting fraud, pfsINSURANCE (part of the pfsGROUP) and Web-IQ Business have formed a partnership where the Internet Risk Engines of Web-IQ are added to the portfolio of solutions from pfsINSURANCE and integrated with their Zero Back Office product.

We are pleased to work with pfsINSURANCE to support the digital transformation of Spanish insurers. We strengthen our strategic position in Spain with a strong partner that understands the market and implements innovative technology
Ronald Hoek, director of Web-IQ Business
Mario PFS and Ronald Web IQ

Mario Martín Conde, director of pfsINSURANCE and Ronald Hoek, director of Web-IQ Business

How does it work and what are the advantages?

Each accident claim form, a handwritten document, is transformed into a standardised format allowing us to understand the content, check details, structure, and the claim’s qualifications. Subsequently, the information will be enriched with a search and analysis of public data, social media connections, adverse news, digital footprints, and other relevant public information which is available online.

This solution is offered by pfsINSURANCE to insurers as a functional part of its Zero Back Office architecture. This additional information is a key criteria of successful fraud detection processes.

When a possible fraud is detected, the solution allows the insurance company to act accordingly by streamlining the process and managing an impact to the policyholders thereby avoiding paying invalid claims. These tasks can be extended to other processes where this type of analysis is required.

pfsINSURANCE positions itself to continually add value to the insurance sector by covering its security needs and by resolving complex technological challenges typical of the insurance business.

We have been digitally transforming companies for 20 years. Despite the fact COVID-19 has accelerated this process, there are companies that still have a lot of transformation ahead of them. The Spanish insurance sector is a clear example.
Mario Martín Conde, director of pfsINSURANCE

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