Web-IQ and PESCHECK have signed a strategic partnership to enhance the screening processes within PESCHECK with the open-source intelligence solutions of Web-IQ.

PESCHECK is an international online screening company with products focused on pre- and -in employment screenings, and Know Your Customer screenings focussed on business owners. With the integration of Web-IQ´s IRIS, the screenings will take even more information into account, such as the online presence and adverse web results of employees and/or business owners. The integration is planned for this summer and customers of PESCHECK can start to see the Web-IQ addition in the products from September on.

"Bringing together the technology from Web-IQ into the system of PESCHECK creates unique advantages for companies that would like to screen their candidates to the next level." says Serhat Elban, CEO of PESCHECK. "The specialism from Web-IQ will supply the growing demand for intelligence from nations and national governments. Bringing together technology, data and control of privacy, this collaboration will be the cutting edge for the next level of background screening."

The collaboration between Web-IQ and PESCHECK fits the strategy of Web-IQ, which is to be the OSINT partner for next-generation and leading market players and corporations who want to bring their screenings to the next level with technology from the world of law enforcement.

"It is a pleasure to work with PESCHECK with their high-end and professional screening solutions and services." says Daniel Boelen, Business Development Director Web-IQ Business. "The integration of IRIS within their screening solution is a logical next step to make our collaboration most valuable since it will make the screenings qualitatively higher and collects all relevant information much more efficiently."


PESCHECK® is an international online screening company. Since 2015, they provide online background solutions for any kind of business worldwide. They process screenings using technology and in-house professionals, delivering an accurate and transparent result. They believe screening builds a foundation for trust. By screening, you let others see that your organisation stands for integrity, transparency, and quality.

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About Web-IQ

Web-IQ activates the internet by automating online risk investigations to persons and organisations. Web-IQ has a background of working with the most prestigious law enforcement and government intelligence agencies in over 30 countries. With their OSINT expertise, Web-IQ Business supports financial institutions and next-generation Anti-Fraud, Risk and KYC platforms by enriching customer screenings with online information to improve the detection of fraud, money laundering and other types of financial crime and risk.

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