Grupo Oesía, the leading company of cutting-edge technological solutions for companies and institutions in Spain and several Latin American countries, has just concluded a strategic agreement with Web-IQ to strengthen its cybersecurity analysis service in the darkweb.

This agreement will allow Grupo Oesía to broaden its knowledge on the darkweb, forums, hacker forums and cybersecurity in general with Web-IQ’s darkweb solution that is being used by a large majority of European Law Enforcement Agencies and Ministries of European countries. This solution has the potential to analyse in real time what is happening on the darkweb and thus provide its clients the greatest possible security in terms of cybersecurity.

Companies have already shown a lot of interest in these new security features, and several are expected to start implementing these services in their cybersecurity processes this summer through Grupo Oesía cybersecurity SOC. “Our customers can't wait to see this new technology in action and identify different issues like never before, in this way they will be able to prevent millionaire losses and protect the valuable information they manage. Harnessing the value of information for companies and institutions is the beginning of a new era in the fight against cybercrime,” says Omar Orta, Director of Digital transformation at Grupo Oesía.

Every year, more than 70% of companies suffer some sort of damage by the doings of cybercriminals and that is why the companies are all working on their digital transformation. “As the internet is becoming more complex, the opportunities that hackers have are increasing in number," says Fernando Rywaczuk Country Manager at Web-IQ. “New data sources and new analytical techniques are needed to fight the increasingly sophisticated and ever developing cybercrime. Whoever thinks that what you see on the darkweb only happens in foreign countries, has never surfed the forums and black markets”.

Companies that have taken into consideration all aspects of cybersecurity will have an additional advantage compared to their competitors that have not, because the latter will have to pay the price for a lack of or poor mitigation of current risks.

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About Grupo Oesia

Grupo Oesía is a multinational Spanish company specialized in Information Technologies and Engineering. Grupo Oesía is headquartered in Madrid, and in Bogotá for LATAM activities, with 3,500 professionals, the company has carried out projects in over 20 countries. The company is focused on a wide range of IT solutions, both in-house and third-party products and services managed under international quality standards. Key lines of business include software development, infrastructure & systems management, BPO, cybersecurity and automation, among others.

Grupo Oesía is a leader in IT, critical infrastructure and Cibersecurity in Finance and Insurance, Telco, Public administration, e-health and Industry, and designs and develops engineering products in Security, Defence and Aerospace.

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