Cybercriminals are currently eager to gain access to the Zhenhua files and/or ways to exploit vulnerabilities by stealing data themselves.

While we all know what can happen if this ends up in the wrong hands, we know little about the markets they get this from. Where and how often is this data shared, at what price and what is the level of expertise of the buyers and sellers? To improve insights on this topic, Web-IQ launches the clearnet hacking forum dataset per November 1st. As a starting point, the dataset contains discussions and advertisements of ten of the biggest clearnet forums around.

NB: Web-IQ is not paying to acquire specific data. We primarily index generic available data and links to specific databases.

Combined with our darknet datasets, a more holistic view can be achieved in the fight against cybercrime. Today, cybercriminals are looking for the Zhenhua files and/or ransomware. Start using DarkCloud to find out what they are looking for before reading it in the news!