Dígitro and Web-IQ have signed a partnership agreement to work together in Brazil and other countries in Latin America to support law enforcement agencies to make the world a better place. This agreement allows Dígitro to integrate the internet intelligence solutions of Web-IQ into their portfolio, thereby providing valuable risk information and insights from the darknet, social media, forums and other relevant parts of the internet.
Digitro has always developed technology that helps law enforcement agencies and security forces to succeed in investigation. With Web-IQ, we will provide top tier technology and data to help our customers with dark web, deep web and other internet intelligence solutions

Octavio Carradore, Market Relations Director Dígitro

The collaboration with Dígitro is part of Web-IQ’s strategy actively partner with local industry leaders and experts across the globe. As a specialised internet intelligence company, we focus on developing excellent technology and products with our growing team of highly qualified data scientists and software engineers. Through our global network of partners, we are able to extend our reach to 5 continents and over 30 countries, while maintaining our innovation to build the technology the world needs.

Through our collaboration with Dígitro, we extend our reach and impact in Brazil with a strong partner that shares our vision and approach to help law enforcement agencies making the world a better place

Fernando Rywaczuk, Web-IQ Country Manager Iberia and LatAm

About Dígitro

For more than 40 years, Dígitro invests in top-notch technology and develops the ideal solutions for businesses in Brazil and South America. Dígitro creates custom solutions in the field of Intelligence and Telecom, and caters to companies of medium and large sizes. Reaching out to an ever-growing market, Dígitro continues to expand all over Brazil and Latin America, acting through local offices and commercial representatives, as well as providing comprehensive service and support 24/7.

About Web-IQ

Web-IQ develops smart intelligence solutions focussed on the darknet, social media, forums and the rest of the internet for law enforcement agencies and corporates. Web-IQ operates in close collaboration and through integrations with their customers and partners, active in 5 continents and in more than 30 countries. Our customers use our GDPR-compliant intelligence products to build new insights, solve cases, work more efficiently and make their part of the world a better place.

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