Web-IQ and ComplyNow have expanded their collaboration into Spain. They have been working together in the Netherlands by integrating Web-IQ solutions into MyComplyNow, the compliance solution for many real estates, notary, accountancy, legal and other types of organisations who have to comply with anti-money laundering legislation. Web-IQ has had a presence in Spain for many years and recently ComplyNow has opened a new office to expand its activity to support Spanish organisations in order to comply with the latest anti-money laundering and KYC laws and regulations.

ComplyNow España

ComplyNow España offers a wide range of services to support organisations in order to comply with national and European laws and regulations, like consultancy, training, outsourcing, and audit. One of their most advanced and innovative products is MyComplyNow; a cloud-based software that supports organisations in their compliance processes. With more than two thousand active users in The Netherlands, the platform is currently being translated and modified in accordance with Spanish laws and regulations and will be available in October 2021.

“We have opened our Spanish office in Alicante in the center of innovation with a team of local Spanish lawyers and compliance professionals. The ComplyNow group has in The Netherlands over 15 years of experience in compliance services and already worked for some Spanish organisations. It was both from a business and personal perspective a logical choice to expand to Spain”, says Daniel Waknine, CEO and Founder of ComplyNow. “Through partnerships with, amongst others, the University of Alicante, Agile Control Solutions and Web-IQ, we are combining high-quality compliance services with the latest technological innovation to make compliance easy and affordable for any kind of organisation in Spain.”


Web-IQ is an open source intelligence technology company with offices in The Netherlands, Spain, and Canada. They transform internet information into actionable data sources by automating online risk investigations of persons and organisations. Web-IQ has a background of working with the most prestigious law enforcement and government intelligence agencies in over 30 countries. With their OSINT expertise, Web-IQ supports financial institutions and next-generation Anti-Fraud, Risk, and KYC platforms by enriching customer screenings with online information to improve the detection of fraud, money laundering, and other types of financial crime and risk.

“The collaboration with ComplyNow in The Netherlands has been very successful and we are looking forward to extending this success in Spain. We have been active in Spain for many years where we help financial and insurance organisations to automate the online screening of their customers for anti-fraud, risk and compliance purposes”, says Ronald Hoek, Director of Web-IQ. “With the integration in MyComplyNow in Spain, we make our advanced OSINT technology from the world of law enforcement available to make the work of compliance officers more efficient and provide organisations with the technology to comply with anti-money laundering and KYC regulations“.

Webinar Where Technology and Compliance Meet

On Thursday the 30th of September at 16:00 CEST, Edo Bakker of Agile Control Solutions, Daniel Waknine of ComplyNow España, and Professor Javier Ferrández from the University of Alicante will give a webinar about the importance of technology in compliance. In this webinar, Edo Bakker will present the perspective of the latest technological innovations that impact compliance, professor Ferrandez will present the near future and application cases of new technologies applied to compliance, and Daniel Waknine will give a demo of the brand new MyComplyNow including the online customer screening solution of Web-IQ.

This webinar will be held in Spanish and is free of charge.

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