Why OSINT is able to help LEA's

The Internet contains information that can help to prevent crime, to intervene during the process or to solve the offense. But the Internet is huge and in addition Law Enforcement should use this data careful without breaching privacy rules. Technology that supports activation in a targeted and accountable way is needed.

We can help you

Web-IQ has been working with Law Enforcement agencies around the world to help turn large amounts of information into actionable intelligence.


We are able to get you started quickly and efficiently while providing a growth path best suited to your environment.


We provide a number of varied dash-board views to give you immediate insight into large and complex data sets.


We are able to deliver our products and services quickly and efficiently. On-site as well as remotely.

Use cases

Web-IQ threat analyses provides a visual view on “distances” of Social Media accounts towards people and posts that are defined as “threatening propaganda”.

The Darknet is seen as facilitating people in an environment of terrorism; a place where tutorials on how to make bombs, materials needed for making explosives, and weapons are traded freely. All of this takes place anonymously as it relates to the IP addresses of buyers, sellers and participants. In order to switch from a "reactive" towards a "pro-active" stance, the European Commission reached out to Web-IQ for help and support. Additionally Ministries of Interior use our DarkCloud Services to clear up blind spots and get a comprehensive view of what is going on in this area.

We now have the opportunity to scale up our efforts to track intended weapon sales in our country as well as around the world.
Law Enforcement representative

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