Why us?

We actively work together with the insurance industry via clients and partners by providing Open Source Intelligence solutions and Data Collection Services to detect claim fraud and support special investigators with OSINT technology.

We help you:

Detect more fraud

by using open source data to filter potential fraudulent claims

Reduce cost and time

by automating the labor intensive parts of investigation processes

Decrease losses

from fraudulent claims

Asking your friend or relative to sign as a witness in an insurance claim will no longer work.

Claim Fraud Detection

Online Due diligence solutions to detect potential fraudulent claims by automatically identifying risks from online sources

We offer solutions that will automatically investigate if the people involved in an insurance claim are related to each other (possible collusion), or if the claimant is related to on-line fraudulent behaviour.

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Online Underwriting

Prevent fraudsters from entering your customer base by automatically identifying risks from online open sources and maintain a manageable risk-level in your customer base

We help identifying fraudulent customers by enriching your customer data with public online information.

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OSINT tools for SIU

Powerful OSINT tools for Special Investigation Units (SIU) to effectively investigate fraudulent claims by saving time on internet searches and conducting an in-depth online analysis.
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Besides our products, we offer custom open source intelligence automation solutions. Contact us if you have any questions.

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