Why us?

We actively work together with our clients and partners by providing open source intelligence solutions and data collection services on topics like Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence, Third-party Due-Diligence and Anti-Fraud.

We help you:

Custom solutions

designed for your anti-fraud and risk information needs.

Be competitive

by obtain a strong information position in your industry.

Proven technology

from the world of Law Enforcement and Government Intelligence.

Online threat detection

Investigate the Darknet, hacker forums, paste sites and the internet to (automatically) detect corporate vulnerabilities and act on potentially imminent threats

We offer powerful OSINT tools for an effective online detection of vulnerabilities and leaked information pertaining to key assets like confidential information, patents, counterfeit products, account credentials and specific events.

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Open Source Intelligence tools

Use OSINT-tools from the world of Law Enforcement for smart and effective financial, risk or compliance analysis

We provide powerful OSINT-tools to investigate and monitor your customers, vendors, suppliers, partners and other third parties for potential risks that could negatively affect your corporate image or impose a Compliance risk.

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More information?

Besides our products, we offer custom open source intelligence automation solutions. Contact us if you have any questions.

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