Why us?

We actively work together with the financial industry via clients and partners by providing open source intelligence solutions and data collection services on topics like Online Due Diligence for KYC-processes, Skip-Tracing for debt collection and anti-fraud.

We help you:

Reduce risk

of financial crime and fraud to avoid large fines, bad publicity or even the possibility of getting your banking license revoked.

Save costs

by automating the labor intensive online investigations of your customers.

Fast on-boarding

by receiving direct and real-time information to accelerate your customer acceptance process.

Add our data feeds to your KYC and fraud detection processes and prevent criminals and fraudsters from abusing your system and reduce the risk of huge fines and reputational damage.

Online Due Diligence

Prevent criminal or fraudulent customers from entering your client base by automatically identifying risks from online open sources and staying compliant with the anti-money laundering regulations (AML/CFT).

We enrich your customer intelligence and fraud detection system by investigating online public sources to see if an applying customer is online connected to anyone on a Sanction or PEP-list or if the person or organization is online connected to fraud.

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Locate untraceable debtors in online public sources with our forensic technology and find current information to improve the contact rate and prevent customers from avoiding payments.

Our solution helps you to find new contact information of defaulting customers who moved to another address or changed their phone number without due notification.

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More information

Besides our products, we offer custom open source intelligence automation solutions. Contact us if you have any questions.

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